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Our Universal FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions about Universal Stone and our World's Best brand of products!

How it Works

How does Universal Stone differ from other products on the market?

Universal Stone is unlike most other cleaning products. First, it’s all-natural and eco-friendly. It’s safe for countless surfaces whereas other cleaning products are meant for one purpose. It isn’t a paste or liquid cleaner - It resembles a hard stone when dry and is activated by the wet sponge. This means the product itself is 100% cleaning power and not watered down, unlike other cleaning products! Universal Stone doesn’t just clean, it also polishes and protects! Take your cleaning two steps further with just one product!

Which sponge should I use with Universal Stone?

We highly recommend using the white applicator sponge that comes with Universal Stone. It is non-abrasive yet holds strong cleaning power! You can also use any of the other World’s Best sponges and pot scrubbers found on our website paired with Universal Stone.

How do I create foam with Universal Stone?

To create Foam with Universal Stone, simply wet and squeeze the applicator sponge until it’s no longer dripping, then rub it onto the stone. Once you have the desired amount of product on the sponge, squeeze and massage the sponge repetitively for a few seconds to make the Foam. The more Foam you create, the more powerful it is at cleaning!

How do I get the best result with Universal Stone?

To get the best result with Universal Stone, we recommend the following steps: WET THE SPONGE - Wet and squeeze the sponge until it's no longer dripping. RUB STONE - Rub the wet sponge on the stone for a few seconds. MAKE FOAM - Squeeze the sponge several times to make Foam. CLEAN - Clean your product or surface in just a few swipes and follow with a quick wipe with a damp microfibre cloth. Watch our full tutorial for a more in-depth look at how to use Universal Stone.

How long does Universal Stone last?

Universal Stone does not expire and is shelf stable. One 650g container of Universal Stone can clean up to 1000 times! We find that most people purchase our Universal Stone every six months. Sometimes, additional sponges are needed more frequently depending on your uses.

How do I ensure no residue is left behind after cleaning with Universal Stone?

Once you are done cleaning with Universal Stone, simply wipe the surface with a damp microfibre cloth to remove the product. You will be left with no residue and a water-repellent protective coating on your surface!

Does Universal Stone scratch delicate surfaces?

No, Universal Stone will not scratch any delicate surfaces! Universal Stone is gentle and non-abrasive and so are our cleaning accessories. Rest assured that your most delicate items like jewellery and marble countertops will not have a scratch on them!

What It Cleans

Does Universal Stone clean stainless steel?

Yes! Universal Stone is the perfect cleaning product for your stainless steel surfaces. From appliances like refrigerators and ovens to smaller items such as sinks and toasters, it works for a streak-free clean! You can even bring it outside and use it on your BBQ! Follow and wipe with the grain of your stainless steel surfaces for the best result.

Is Universal Stone safe to use on marble?

Universal Stone is safe to use on marble, quartz, and quartzite. Make sure to create lots of Foam for the fastest and best clean!

Is Universal Stone safe to use on wood?

Yes, you can use Universal Stone on wood surfaces including hardwood floors. Always clean with the grain of your wood and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth to remove any residue.

Is Universal Stone safe to use on cupboards?

Universal Stone is truly a multi-surface cleaning product, and that goes for cupboards too! It is safe to use on your painted, vinyl, or wooden cupboard - make sure to create lots of Foam for the best cleaning experience and wipe along the grain of your surface if applicable.

Is Universal Stone safe to use on walls?

Yes, Universal Stone is safe to use on walls! It is non-abrasive and will gently clean stains, scuffs, and residues off of your walls with no damage done! Unlike other cleaning products that buff a small amount of the paint off your wall each time or use bleach to lighten the surface, your surface will stay completely intact without any discolouration - making it perfect for any wall colour!

Is Universal Stone safe to use on leather or suede?

Many of our customers have used Universal Stone on their leather and suede surfaces with great results. However, we only recommend using Universal Stone on these surfaces if they are white in colour. For example, it works beautifully on white leather sneakers!

Will Universal Stone remove paint from cars or walls?

No, Universal Stone will not scratch or remove any paint from your car or walls! Though it is powerful, Universal Stone is completely non-abrasive making it the ideal cleaner for surfaces like your car.


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