What it Cleans

Cast Iron

Caring for cast iron cookware doesn't have to be daunting - Universal Stone is the only product you need to get the job done! Its gentle yet effective cleaning power ensures that your cookware retains its seasoned surface while removing stubborn stains and food residues.

Universal Stone is an ideal cleaning product for eco-conscious individuals looking to maintain their cast iron cookware without resorting to harsh chemicals. Made of just 6 natural ingredients, it will help your cookware last a lifetime.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is renowned for its superior heat retention and even cooking, qualities that can last generations with proper maintenance and cleaning. With the right technique and Universal Stone, you can keep it in prime condition, ensuring it remains a staple in your kitchen.

While regular soaps can strip the seasoned coating, Universal Stone won’t! It is gentle and won’t scratch your cookware. We recommend using our FLAT Pot Scrubbers and FOAM Pot Scrubbers with Universal Stone on your cast iron cookware for the best experience.

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Cast Iron Cookware

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about using Universal Stone on your cast iron cookware? Find the answers to commonly asked questions below.

Can Universal Stone be used on seasoned cast iron cookware?

Absolutely! Universal Stone is safe for use on seasoned and unseasoned cast iron cookware. Its natural, non-abrasive formula effectively cleans without stripping the seasoned surface. Just ensure to follow our cleaning process and follow up with proper drying and oiling to maintain the seasoning.

Does Universal Stone affect the non-stick properties of cast iron cookware?

No, Universal Stone does not affect the non-stick properties of cast iron. Its gentle cleaning action helps maintain the integrity of the cookware's seasoned surface, ensuring it remains non-stick without the use of harsh chemicals.

How often should I use Universal Stone on my cast iron cookware?

You can use Universal Stone as needed. For regular maintenance, a gentle scrub after each use is sufficient. For tougher stains or to remove built-up residues, a more thorough cleaning with Universal Stone might be necessary.

Can I use Universal Stone on other types of cookware?

Yes, Universal Stone is versatile and safe for use on various cookware materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. Its eco-friendly formula makes it suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, ensuring your kitchenware remains spotless and well-maintained.

What should I do if my cast iron cookware starts to rust after using Universal Stone?

If rust occurs, it's often due to insufficient drying rather than the use of Universal Stone. To remove rust, re-clean with Universal Stone, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Re-season your cookware by coating it with oil and baking it as previously described to restore its non-stick surface and protect against future rust.